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French Chocolate Truffles

French Chocolate Truffles

Who doesn't like French Chocolate Truffles? Most people similar to this sweet and delicious food. Chocolate is mostly given being a gift or gift on holidays.

With unique shapes, patterns, and flavors, chocolate can often be used as an expression of gratitude, sympathy, or attention even being a statement of love. Besides being consumed mostly available as chocolate bars, chocolate will also be a hot and cold drink ingredient.

Chocolate contains alkaloids such as theobromine, phenethylamine and anandamide, that have physiological effects for your body. According to scientists, chocolate that is certainly eaten in normal amounts on a regular basis can reduce blood pressure level.

Black chocolate lately has many promotion since it benefits health when consumed in moderate amounts, including the antioxidant content which can reduce the formation of toxins in the body.

There are some types of chocolate that individuals need to know, French Chocolate Truffles images include:

— Couverture Chocolate

Usually called real chocolate that contains chocolate fat and chocolate mass, that features a bitter taste nevertheless the costs are more expensive. This type of chocolate has a fast melt within the mouth and has a rather bitter taste of “fruity". However, such a chocolate is quite difficult in storage.

— Compound Chocolate

The compound chocolate composition is nearly the same as the chocolate couverter, apart from the cocoa butter is substituted for cheaper vegetable fats such as coconut oil or soybean. Chocolate Compound has a semi sweet or sweet taste. Chocolate Compound is widely used as decoration chocolate.

Chocolate Compound consists of 3 types.

a. Dark chocolate compound, colored bars are thicker and do not contain milk.

b. White chocolate compound, chocolate bars made from a combination of sugar, liquid chocolate, milk and vanilla.

c. Milk chocolate compound, a sweet bar containing chocolate and cacao butter.

— Cocoa powder

Chocolate made from brown masses which have experienced fat separation. Cocoa is simpler to process and will easily be found around us. This chocolate powder has a strong aroma, are certainly not rancid, not moldy and not moldy.

The benefits that may be obtained from chocolate are:

1. Lower cholesterol and blood pressure level.

2. Antioxidants

3. Anti depression.

4. Prevent cavities.

5. Fight cancer.

6. Make longevity and stop disease.

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