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Chili Ramen Noodles

Chili Ramen Noodles

Chili Ramen Noodles is a type of noodle that is certainly popular in the community. Many people love to eat noodles. This term also describes dried noodles that needs to be cooked again by dipping in water.

Noodles are made from a variety of flour, vegetable oil, salt, and a few additives like sodium poly phosphate (functions just as one emulsifier / stabilizer), sodium carbonate and potassium carbonate which functions just as one acid regulator. In addition, yellow noodles were added (tartrazine).

There are some kinds of famous noodles on mainland Asia. Whether it's made thin or thick, flat or round, made from wheat or rice, each type of noodle possesses its own history in the culinary world in the country, one of them is Chili Ramen Noodles.


Noodles served inside a bowl of broth is known as chukka soba in Japan. Chaisu, Menma, and common onion slices are added as flavoring.


This rather thick and wide shaped noodle also emanates from Japan. Udon is usually eaten with sliced scallions, sprinkling of chilly powder, grated ginger and in many cases mochi. There can also be Udon topped with tempura (shrimp or squid), plus curry powder or soy sauce. Uniquely this type of noodle can be served in cold and warm conditions. Udon that's enjoyed hot, usually served inside a clay bowl. While cold Udon is served after being cooled with ice water.


Noodles which are cooled and eaten using this sauce have been consumed as staples in the Tokyo area through the Edo period. In Japan Soba is usually eaten on New Year's Eve or when moving house.

Mee pok

Flat-shaped noodles, eaten with sauce and served in mushroom soup and topped with minced meat. Traditionally these noodles are produced by drying and when combined sauce or broth. Yellow wheat noodles from China can also be popular in other Asian countries.


Noodles known as green bean noodles, Chinese bean noodles or Chinese rice noodles are made from starch (carbohydrates which are not soluble in water). Soun has almost no taste but can absorb broth as well as other ingredients which are cooked with him.


Almost similar to Soun, Vermicelli be also a thin white form. This noodle called Mihun is a of the foods from China.

There are still a number of other kinds of noodles that have not been explained here. However, you can observe many images on this web site, like the same as Chili Ramen Noodles.

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